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Information on World Union Market undisclosed shares 27/01/2018

Information on World Union Market undisclosed shares


At the World Union Market, we aim to own and share companies by all the people in the world, to fair share of profits, fairness of wealth, to liberate the world of corporate stocks and joint ownership by all population.

Assuming an increase in the world population, with the population of 8 billion people or 10 billion population as prerequisite, selling and transferring to all people, all people participate in corporate management, get a workplace where all people work , We will create a future where all people can receive income and stock dividends.

January 2018 Council review example Assuming 1000 to 100000 shares per capita for population of 10 billion 1 USD ~ 0.01 USD It is taken as currency unit price that all people can buy and sell

Secure supply volume and distribution volume that all people in the world can buy and sell