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President's CEO's recruitment information 27/01/2018

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President's CEO's recruitment information

Thank you for using this World Union Market from the beginning.

Currently we are recruiting executives from around the world who will participate in the management team below the Company's Chief Executive Officer.

We aim to integrate the world economy in the future, to become an integrated community of all nations, governments and citizens all over the world, we have to release ourselves to the world at an early stage as well as the management, shareholders, employees and engineers We decide to publicly invite everything to include to the world.

As a result of considering the history of human beings so far in view of our past history, it is believed that we are responsible for a more democratic, equitable and equitable organization, a global community and economic underpinnings for it, peace and welfare philanthropy, It is based on the idea that it must be an organization that spreads democracy, liberalism, coexistence symbiosis and all universal thoughts and wishes to the world.

We aim to realize full employment of the world in the future and aim to determine corporate management team by fair and equitable world election.

We are constantly looking for human resources who can contribute to the development of the company and the development of the world, the happiness and peace of the world and all citizens as an early stage.

The world is bringing peace and equality into this world, saving people from war and poverty, protecting the nature and the environment of the world, seeking talent to lead humanity into space, new dimension, and beyond It is.