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Announcement of auction agency 27/01/2018


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Announcement of auction agency

At World Union Market we are waiting for auction participation from all over the world, auction exhibition.

One of the philosophy of launching and managing the world auction

It is the same as not having any superior technology unless it is known to the people of the world, as long as any excellent product can not sell it, help people, and create a profit, innovation There is also fact that we can not even continue to manufacture products in the first place, and we think that we must contribute to solving the problem.

In the world auction, all basic usage fees are released free of charge, no excessive limitation is imposed on the transaction items, and important commerce items in every new era such as service goods, finance, sharing, information products, data products, etc. We allow trading.

Of course, we can also participate in the auction by ourselves, we also perform auctions on behalf of our company. This is due to the desire to have as many people as possible participate in the world economy even a little.

We open the world market of the world's 8 billion people population to all people, I hope people will build a new world economic system in the new dimension and contribute to the development and public interest of the world.