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​World union market 








World union market outline

WUM connects all 200 countries, all 7.4 billion people with  business network

We will integrate the world through the economy, economic opportunities, employment and income, latest products and technologies, everything people demand, improve living standards and economic standards

We will solve all problems such as global social problems, poverty gap, conflict among countries and make the world one

We aim to integrate all the latest products, advanced companies, advanced technology, human resources and capital all over the world, accelerate state-of-the-art technology research including space development under the unified world, and we will advance the world to a new stage













World Union Charter 

 我々は全ての国家、企業、個人を問わず人々の経済活動の自由を保障します。全ての人々に職場、収入、食料品, 住居を保障し、不当な迫害を受ける組織、市民及び労働者の自由、権利、財産、家族を保護することを我々に与えられた使命として誓約します。


















​ec - WUM project  

・Luna project of the 21st century
    Construction of living facilities and research bases on the moon, securing of water and underground resources and construction of underground shelters
    On-site test plan at the moon of civic space travel

・Zero emissions society
    Eco-city with industrial facilities and transportation system completed with non-fossil fuel eco energy
    Solar energy operation, non-fuel car, airplane, ship
    Eleedra (Soldra) plan 2017 High efficient concentrating solar panel and vehicle with combined power generation equipment (Wind power, hydraulic power, motion assist power generation type)
    Electric powered hovering drone for simple movement and drone for transportation and regularly-operated passenger drone system practical test
    Experimental application to drone for automatic security defense

・Development of perpetual institutions
    Construction of infinite power in solar light, wind power, hydropower, tidal power, geothermal power, rain water, water evaporation, hydrogen and other natural energy

・AI project developed by 7.4 billion people
    Development of AI program with all knowledge accumulated by humanity by the 21st century and independent creative ability  AN plan 2017
    Practical examination of self-learning type AI release to the Internet, information accumulation, information editing
    Improve of communication skills,  self-growth educate program and approximate of human through accumulate and editing of usage history by Internet users, communication history, patterns between AI and people

・world database plan

    Collection, edit and open of all  information of human being
    Sharing common knowledge, information and exchanging information to resolve world conflict, conflict and contribute to world peace
    Promote technology development and economic growth through disclosure of information and technology
    Digitized storage of analog data

・Automation of production
    Liberation from harsh labor for people, elimination of lack of food and resources
    Construction of indoor fully automatic production system by computer management of agricultural products
    Automatic production of fully industrial products, transportation, building, design


・21 century policy, realize of peace and fair society 

    guarantee of minimum living and income for all people in the world

    guarantee of equal and fair chance about education and economy

    guarantee of  peace and safety society for all people

    guarantee of all universal human right ​
Guarantee political and economic independence, autonomy autonomy, self-determination rights of all global citizens
Environmental conservation, induction to nature, prevention of destructive economic activity and excessive erosion
Global integration based on universal values, integration of the world economy, suppression of excessive globalization on the other side, respect for isolated isolation autonomy
Civil Parliament, Direct Democratic Assembly, Congress by Occupation, Congress by Age, Parliament by Social Hierarchy
Observer parliament and other invitations, complementing and supplementing with parliamentary assembly
Disposition of phased weapons, disarmament and reduction of defense costs, welfare utilization and space development

· Economic system for the 21st century
Transition to public capitalism, welfare capitalism
Encourage technology development and economic activities in a higher dimension by releasing the restrictions on privilege, monopoly, laws and regulations
Promote further liberalization of economic activities as part of 21st century neoliberalism
Continuous Economic Development of Flotier and innovation research

· Establishment of international Internet business site
Provide equal economic commercial opportunity for all 7.4 billion people and open international market
Liberalization of commercial through development of Internet business, utilization of latent demand and latent undeveloped economy
Maximizing the Internet connection population, participation in the international population of the largest population in the international Internet economy
Correction of spatial disparity, economic disparity in urban areas, elimination of inter-state economic disparity
Establish international international languages ​​business site, secure resources for nonprofit research budget

・Integration of the global world and emigration outside the planet
One world, next planet

· Inauguration of global common media
Distribution of worldwide common newspaper by e-mail
Establishment of worldwide television, radio and net media by communication satellite
Establishment of interactive, citizen participatory democratic free public media

· Research on gene improvement based on regenerative medicine and genetic analysis
Culture generation of defective tissues, removal of causative genes gene medicine by replacement

· Experimental installation of international digital currency
Improve convenience of international settlement, remittance, reduce costs, promote international economy
Promotion of economic participation of small business and private business, personal trade etc.

· 21st century neoliberalism, new democratic autonomous community
Planetary representative conference that can be joined regardless of country, company, organization, individual, establish world forum which can participate at individual level
Granting of membership rights and voting rights to all applicants
Granting special voting rights based on total public benefit contribution amount and contribution ratio

    月面への生活施設と研究拠点の建設、水、地下資源の確保と地下シェルターの建設 (火星、その他可住可能な惑星の探査と研究)



 エレドラ(ソルドラ)2017 高効率集光ソーラーパネル及び複合発電装置装備車両




 極限地域での作業用ドローン 全環境型耐熱耐圧防風気密その他



 21世紀までに人類が蓄積したの全ての知識と独立した創造的能力を備えたAIプログラムの開発  AN plan 2017







・教育の無償化 国際共同大学の設置



















​ 継続的経済フロティアの開発とイノベーション研究









 one world, next planet

























民主主義企業への移行 従来の企業形態からの脱却と公益福祉資本主義に基づく公益企業への段階的移行 最大多数の社員と消費者民意に基づいて企業の経営を行う事で、社員の雇用を守るとともに過度の収入格差を是正し、収入の公平性を図る





企業、生産の21世紀化、AIとロボットによる生産と労働の代替を促進し、余剰生産力と余剰労働力を全て宇宙開発へ集約させる 人的、自然的要素に関わらず、地球で育まれたの生命の代表としてあらゆる手段を以て種と生命の保存を図る義務を全うしなくてはならない






Unicom計画 ユニヴァーサルコンピュータ スマートホンに代わる個人コンピュータとして完成させる。パソコンとスマートホンの完全互換、データの完全クラウド化し、容量無限化、機能の無限拡張、一生涯使用可能な携行コンピュータ。情報、通信、銀行、ビジネス、ショッピング、家電、車、健康その他全ての生活インフラソフトの集約。人生のログ。









Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act



事業者名        E.C. world union market

代表責任者       白河 利春



サービス内容      利用者参加型ショッピングサイトサービスの提供 広告代理

サービス利用料     原則無料 追加サービス手数料に関しては手数料一覧を参照ください


利用料お支払方法    原則銀行振り込み その他利用者希望の決済方法

支払期限        毎月月末日、当月利用料の決済 もしくは利


キャンセル条件     当社過失が原因の場合全額返金 その他原則返金不可

トラブルへの対応    問い合わせは総合窓口まで 原則販売者と購




利用規約        当社ホームページ記載の最新のものをご確認ください











Company        World Union Market

Representative       Toshi.S


web site URL   

Service              Internet auction, online shopping community service and advertisement

Fee                     basically free.  About aditional fee, please refer the list of fees. About advertisement,please contact us 

Payment                  Basically bank transfer or the way customers hope

Maturity        Last day of every months or the the limit of debt is fulled 

Cancel term         When we had errors all will be paid back, in other cases basically not refundable 

Trouble support        Please contact us via e-mail  but basically the servie is only for web site sysytem only and about each deals by users we can not any support

User policy        Please refer the latest user policy









​We oath we never hurt anyone anymore, never kill anyone anymore
We oath this century we will be one
We oath to know the meaning of this world you love
We oath to respond to your love with all of us
So please do not abandon us












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